Aggregate Belt Conveyors in India

Trimech India is one of India’s leading Mechanical & Pneumatic Conveyor manufacturers since ’08. Trimech India provides several types of conveyors like,

Bucket Conveyor Systems
Belt Conveyor Systems
Screw Conveyor Systems
Drag Chain Conveyor Systems
Apron Conveyor Systems
Ash Conditioner Systems
Dust Collector Systems

We provide two distinct types as for as the Pneumatic Conveyor goes namely, Lean & Dense Phase Conveying systems.

The materials used to make these conveyors are top-notch and made-up of high-end materials ensuring smooth workflow even when working with heavy loads. Other materials used to make these conveyors such as Stainless Steel & other high-end Alloys make sure the quality of these conveyors are strong and anti-corrosive. Trimech India provides heavy duty conveyors, through conveyors, & plain roller conveyors and many additional designs as per client’s requirement.

Of all these types of different conveying systems, Belt Conveyors, Screw Conveyors & Dust Collectors are most common and basic machineries. Of course different clients have different requirements and needs, but these 3 are the most common. This small article by Trimech India will focus on these three types.

Belt Conveyors

Trimech India has designed conveyors that can easily transfer heavy materials and handle them with ease. Belt Conveyors decreases a lot of physical labor for transferring and handling heavy supplies such food, fertilizers, adhesive mixtures (Cement, Rubber etc.), and several others. Belt Conveyors consists minimum of two pulleys and Conveyor belts on them with a nonstop rotation. Belt Conveyors are designed to transfer materials non-stop with consistency, the belt conveyor works under frictional force.

Screw Conveyors

Also known as auger conveyor, screw conveyors uses a rotating screw blade, normally within a tube; it is used to move liquid materials or granular materials with ease. Industries who usually work with bulk handling make use of Screw Conveyors the most. In screw conveyors an electrical motor is placed, normally at the releasing-end of the conveyor. The simplistic Screw Conveyor designs give high-end performance and speed with low-maintenance requirement making it one of the cost-efficient machineries.

Dust Collector

Dust collector can be used for either collecting the entire valuable granular or powder from the processing streams or dust collector is used for remove granular impurities before emitting gases into the atmosphere. Out of several different types of Dust Collectors, Pulse-Jet Dust Collectors works wonders. It is the most commonly used Dust collectors as it requires low maintenance and works continuously. Pulse-Jet Dust Collectors helps industries to gather useful materials and re-use them. Pulse-Jet Dust Collectors are maintenance free and pretty easy to use.

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