One of the reasons why many industries prefer to use conveyor belts

Remember when humans formed the material handling chain of control? It is difficult and time consuming. Innovative engineering has created the mechanical invention we call the conveyor belt. Since then, life in the material handling industry has become easier. Belt conveyors are innovations that make material handling easy and save time. Move items to the desired location with minimal effort using a smooth moving treadmill.

Objects/materials can be light or heavy. Therefore, different belt qualities are required for transport.

Industries that opt ​​for lightweight conveyor belts include:

  1. Packaging industries
  2. Food processing industry
  3. Paper goods industry
  4. Pharmaceuticals

Industries that opt ​​for heavyweight conveyor belts include:

  1. Metal manufacturing
  2. Mining
  3. Complex food processing methods
  4. Waste/recycling

Application of conveyor belt on a large scale:

Today you can find conveyor belts almost everywhere. They have made mechanical transportation easy and convenient. Here are some places that use conveyor belts on a daily basis.

  • You’ll find it most often at airports where the belt is constantly moving. Luggage is transported on these conveyor belts and then delivered to you. How convenient for passengers and airport staff.
  • In some industries, for example in pharmacies, it is used to transport empty boxes or to transport batches of drugs to their destination. The production and packaging facilities are huge. It is impossible to carry and transport everything by hand. Therefore, the conveyor belt feels like a blessing.
  • Belt conveyors play an important role in the food industry. It starts with picking the food, packing it, sealing it, stamping it, and then dropping it in the delivery area. All of these processes and perhaps more take place on a conveyor belt.
    The mining sector uses conveyor belts to move ore from underground mines. They are heavy materials, which is why they have to be machined.
  • Retail industries such as large shopping malls use conveyor belts to move packages and goods from warehouses to floors. It is a simple and convenient material processing method.
  • Power plants also use conveyor belts because they have to process coal to produce electricity. Therefore, the coal is carefully placed and brought to the mill where further processing takes place.
  • The construction site is very busy. Therefore, conveyor belts are used to carry and process these materials to be transported to their respective locations.

Conveyor belts have countless applications and have made life easier for industry. If you think you need it at your place, get in touch with our team. We will discuss your needs and help you find the best one.

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